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About Me

Because of the joy forging and hammering metal—finally I became a silversmith. Away from the rat-race my husband and me sailed and lived 15 years on our rolling sailboat home.

Here—free of any influence—I learned to appreciate nature’s beauty itself—and found the peace and the tranquility to refine my fine craft of making jewellery.
Silver is the most reflecting material on earth. It’s color is clear and noble. My jewellery has crisp clean lines. This, combined with the technique of cloisonné, puts it beyond the simply decorative into the world of fine art.

The 999% fine silver I cover with several coats of transparent enamels. Each layer is fired separate. The result of multiple firings at 1500° C in the kiln are jewel-like colours of brilliant depth and clarity. Interwoven with fine gold or silver wires each piece becomes a durable lasting precious ornament. Unique art to wear.

As a member of the international enamel society I received several awards at international art exhibitions.


Don’t forget to check out my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you!